Free On-Demand Acting Class!
With a Professional Acting Coach
An introduction to the world of performing arts to enrich the development of kids K-6th grade

  Get their minds and bodies moving 
  Encourage personal expression 
  Spark more joy
See your child SHINE!

Nurture your child’s development with a FREE acting lesson from Shine Online...

Enjoy a FREE acting lesson TODAY! This Shine Online video lesson is a  comprehensive experience in performing arts. This one of a kind lesson is infused with activities to develop mind-body connection, improve physical health and encourage emotional growth. 
(Video Lesson is 100% Free - Get Shining Today!)

Sarah Souza, Professional Actor (SAG, AEA)

Parents struggle to find high-value activities for their children ...
We know you want to feel good about the programs you choose for your child. Performing arts offer the ideal opportunity to grow your child’s confidence, creativity, and sense of self. This FREE Acting Lesson is the perfect way to get started.  

Your child will get moving, fuel their creativity,
and enjoy their own self-expression.

(Added parent bonus: you can get a much deserved-break,
nap, or just drink a cup of coffee in peace!)

This Lesson Will...
Taking a break from school stress and engaging your imagination
Have  encouragement from a positive teacher, as well as engage in exercises to inspire self-confidence
Freedom and fun are the key tools we use to get your child smiling from ear to ear
Here's what other parents have to say...
"Personable, talented, inspiring and engaging. These words just begin to describe Sarah and her teaching abilities. Each moment working with her is pure joy for my son"
"Maddie has gained more confidence, is more outspoken and not afraid to try new things, thanks to your amazing class!"
Your child deserves a healthy outlet to de-stress and express! 
We’re here to invest our energy into giving them a place to show up and Shine - from the inside out. 
  • DRAMA GAMES: To ignite imaginations and engage creativity
  • FREEING MOVEMENT: Allowing bodies to express, get energy out, and grow mind-body connection
  • GUIDED IMAGINATIVE MEDITATION: Helping students to focus and relax, eliminating anxieties
  • VOCAL TECHNIQUE:  Through tongue twisters, warm ups, and song
  • ​ACTING EXERCISES: Students will learn and take away fun acting tools they can use in performance as well as grow in emotional depth and empathy
GET your child moving, growing in social skills, and gaining confidence in who they are TODAY!
Expressive! Energetic! Fun!
Highly recommended by mom and child. 

Sarah's energy from this class brings TREMENDOUS  joy into my daughter's day…I love hearing her singing her heart out in her room... thank you! – Tracy

When kids are engaged in performing arts, they ignite their creativity and confidence.

They discover the freedom to embrace who they are with newfound joy.

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